The atmosphere at the camp was electric today, as everyone seemed to be awaiting the conclusion of the EU summit in Brussels. There were many discussions about the political situation and the possible outcomes of the summit. People expressed their worries at being unable to continue their journey through the Balkan route if a total closure was to be announced. As things currently stand, there has been no concrete outcome of the meeting as the negotiations between Turkey and the EU have not come to a final agreement.

The heavy rains of this evening have degraded even further the already appalling conditions of the camp. In light of this and the lack of conclusions of the summit, only anger and revolt can be expected tomorrow from those subjected to the violent EU border regime. Some people have been stuck in Idomeni for close to three weeks now. They cannot wait much longer.

In the late afternoon, a couple hundred people occupied the train tracks again, demanding the border to open and denounce the electrocution of a boy on the train tracks of the camp. MSF further reported that a hunger strike had begun on the train tracks in protest to the 13 year old’s electrocution.

Some impressions of today: