The atmosphere in Idomeni today was filled with anxiety and exhaustion.

Anxiety, because people are waiting for the results of the EU-Turkey summit, hoping it will bring any kind of clarification about their situation. However, hopes are not very high.

And exhaustion as the experiences of the march from Monday are still taking their toll. Our friends whom we walked with seem more tired than before. Yesterday people were still recuperating from the sleepless night after the march. Today people were not only tired but also restless. There are increased fights and tensions between people.

Another factor of anxiety and tension was the instalment of around 8 new containers in the area close to the border gate. The installation of the containers entailed an increased number of police officers in the camp. In addition to the usual black-clad officers, today there were also ones in different, military style olive-green uniforms.

Disillusion could also be heard in the increased talk about paying smugglers to bring them away from Greece. All of this, is what EU politicians’ decision to close the corridor has brought upon people.