22.00: Many buses have arrived today which lead to increasing jams at the Greek-Macedonian transit checkpoint. Some turbulent situations emerged, also because Macedonian army/police is not able to read Greek or Arabic papers and denominations of nationalities.

Tonight a heavily armoured Greek police unit is supporting regular police; it seems that Greek authorities perceive the camp more and more as a danger zone. The policing of desperation and uproar is the current answer to this politically generated crisis.

Quite the contrary indepent kitchens and infopoints are facilitating new moments of solidarities, self-organization and friendships.

Some impressions of today:

17.00: A spontaneous demonstration of around 150 people passed the camp and finally stopped at the fence to protest. Macedonian police/army has installed water cannon behind its fence.

Still many people arrive at the camp. Long queues for food and water. The night will be very cold.

12.00: Several protests in front of the fence, shouting „Open the gate“. Last nigth first snow was dropping in the mountains near by.