21.00:  After the strong demonstration this morning, there were several smaller protests and marches during the whole day inside the camp.

The announced Frontex officers have not arrived yet. They will have a spot right in the center of the complex.

After the police has increased security measures yesterday, now also some NGOs and volunteer groups are joining this discursive construction of a „danger zone“ in Idomeni by publishing travel warnings in social media.

When we left the camp around 30 coaches were waiting in front of the camp, bringing new people from the islands.

19.00: Solidarity initiatives held a demonstration tonight in Thessaloniki to support the protesting migrants stuck at Idomeni. More than 1000 participants were counted.

15.00: There were two more demonstrations. We have the impression, that there are more people in the camp today then in the days before.  Furthermore, we were told, that FRONTEX will arrive in Eidomeni soon.

12.00: This morning, a strong and peaceful demonstration took place. Members of all blocked refugee groups participated.  On the Macedonian side of the fence a water cannon was placed. We will upload photos & videos later.